Clive Barnett “ Hospital Oz “

Clive was recieveing chemotheraphy whilst I was artist in residence at the Royal Free Hospital for Rosetta life.

What happens when you take the characters and emblems from the hospital and cast them with those of the Wizard of Oz? This is a new project in process with Clive that will become an important part of the festival at the Riverside studios in June 2004 dominating the reception of the venue with life size cut outs of figures of nurses, doctors and machines. Rosetta Life worked with Clive and the hospital to produce a number of photographs that were cut out and animated. These are works in progress and simply demonstrate the concept in progress and not in its final form.
“CT scanners, Radiotherapy machines, some of that big equipment: You see the public doesn’t see this…all this is hidden and downstairs, down the steps and throughout the dark corridors, its all down there out of sight and the only people who see it are the patients and the people who are looking up”

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